Dr Benchaou, ENT Head and Neck surgeon in Geneva, near the Cornavin railway station and in Nyon

ENT consultation, review of deafness, the initial care is always the most important.

Your ENT surgeon also treats cases of ENT cancer, restorative surgery and nasal surgery.

Review of deafness and surgery

Review of deafness and ear surgery.

To treat deafness issues, first of all I carry out an initial general ENT examination, and then a hearing test.
If your case of deafness requires simple equipment, I will refer you to an experienced acoustician for the fitting.
Then, you will be redirected to an ENT colleague for an appraisal for the purpose of your hearing aid reimbursement.

In the case of ear disease requiring surgery, I will often resort to a scan of the earsmastoid bone and base of the skull before the surgical procedure.

Treating a case of deafness

  • General ENT examination
  • Hearing test
  • Scan, exploratory surgery
  • Curative surgery

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