Dr Benchaou, ENT Head and Neck surgeon in Geneva, near the Cornavin railway station and in Nyon

ENT consultation, review of deafness, the initial care is always the most important.

Your ENT surgeon also treats cases of ENT cancer, restorative surgery and nasal surgery.

Restorative surgery

Restorative and reconstructive surgery or face and neck.

As an ENT Head and Neck surgeon in Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon, I handle cases of reconstruction of the neck and face.

Some cases of treated cancer continue their evolutive process. The aim of remedial surgery is to give the patient another chance of recovery. This type of surgery is difficult with occasional complications. Each patient is well informed on the type of surgery practicable with its risks. In remedial surgery, reconstruction of the face and neck using microsurgery is often necessary. These operations can sometimes last a whole day.

Given the investment in terms of time required by this type of operation, I work with Dr M. BELDI, an FMH plastic surgeon, who is also trained in microsurgery, and is a former senior registrar at CHUV and hospitals in Paris, to ensure proper post-operative monitoring of patients.

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