Dr Benchaou, ENT Head and Neck surgeon in Geneva, near the Cornavin railway station and in Nyon

ENT consultation, review of deafness, the initial care is always the most important.

Your ENT surgeon also treats cases of ENT cancer, restorative surgery and nasal surgery.

Nasal surgery

Surgery of nose and sinus.

As an ENT Head and Neck surgeon in Geneva and Nyon, I also practise nasal functional surgery to improve nasal respiration, and neuronavigation-assisted endoscopic sinus surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery improves the aesthetic appearance of the nasal pyramid, but also corrects post traumatic deformities or other deformities.
The initial consultation consists of a meeting with the patient and make an anterior and posterior rhinoscopy to detect whether there is any associated functional pathology. Examination of the head and neck area frequently helps to detect other aesthetic corrections and therefore good cosmetic results are achieved.

In cases such as these, Dr M. BELDI, FMH plastic surgeon, and I have also held joint consultations to discuss the best surgical approach.

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